Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Cute Owl Birthday Cake

My friend Emily had a birthday this week (actually Emily is Katie's roommate), but I can still count her as my friend too, right?!. I mean, we are friends on Facebook and everything. haha... Because I live half-way across the country now from her, I wasn't able to make her a birthday cake this year. Boohoo... So I'll share with you the cake I made for her last year. Her cake from two years ago was already posted (it was a sunflower with bumble bees two years ago - click here if you missed that post).

It was a white cake with lemon filling and buttercream frosting. Covered with marshmallow fondant. The owl, tree, and flowers are also marshmallow fondant. This was such a fun cake to make. I'm very thankful that her mom, Abby, asked me to make it. Love these little owls and these girls in the photo below.

Happy Birthday Emily!!!
That's Emily on the left.
This photo was taken when we were in Napa recently to celebrate Katie's 21st birthday.
Katie is on the right and Elise (also Katie's roommate - and my friend too) is in the middle.

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