Monday, March 12, 2012

Oklahoma Pastimes

To start the work week, how about a reflection on the entertainment from the weekend. What to do in Oklahoma City on the weekend?... the  OKC Gun Show, of course! We embraced the local fun and went to the show at the State Fair Grounds.

Almost as entertaining as all of the weaponry, lots of random "stuff" like these Oklahoma University camouflage gloves. Everyone needs a pair of these.

 I honestly did buy a beautiful handmade bracelet from this table.

Have you ever seen so many guns just sitting around? 

This is the part I truly do not understand... so many of the tables/booths at the Gun Show were promoting preparations for the Zombie Invasion. Seriously. Zombie Tactical? I want to think this whole theme is a joke, but I kind of think some people might actually be thinking it could happen...

I hope you had as much fun as I did... now back to work!

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