Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nail Polish Strips Really Work

So I got these fun nail polish strips at Christmas, but was a little skeptical that they'd really turn out well. I have to say that they were much easier to apply than I expected. Here's how I did it followed by status of how they survived on my fingers... for two weeks!

I used Sally Hansen nail strips, but I would expect that most other brands would work the same way. The kit comes with several sizes of nail strips, an orange stick, and a file/buffer. I also used an Essie clear top coat to give my nails a little extra protection.
 Here's the How-To:

Start with clean, dry nails. Use a napkin or paper towel with some nail polish remover on each nail to make sure they have no oils. This is important to help the strips stick. (This is actually a step I always take when I'm painting my nails too. The polish adheres to the nail better and doesn't chip as quickly.)
 Next select the right size strip for each finger nail and lay them out so you don't get confused as you're applying. (You can see mine in the background of the picture below.
 Then simply remove the backing and line up the strip at your cuticle. Stick in to your nail and press firmly all over to make sure it's completely stuck on the whole nail. You'll have a big long strip hanging off the end of your nail depending on the length of your nail.
 Using the file/buffer that was included in the kit with the nail strips, carefully rub it at the edge of your nail and you'll notice the excess strip start to pull away from your nail. Carefully remove it and discard it.

Here's the first one I applied.
 Here's the finished product. I think they look fun and really were easy to use.

The best part is that these nail polish strips honestly lasted 2 weeks on my nails. This is no small task! My nails take a beating every day! I'm in the kitchen cooking and baking as much as possible, then cleaning up. A normal manicure usually only lasts me a maximum of 3 days before it starts chipping.

The picture above was the day I first applied the strips. The pictures below show you how great they still looked days later...
6 days later

10 days later

14 days later
A few very small chips by the end and of course the gap that forms near the cuticles from my nails growing. They could have lasted even longer than 2 weeks, but I just got bored and ready for a change. I hope you give them a try!

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