Sunday, March 18, 2012

Magnetic Nail Polish

I'm always excited to try new things... recently I tested out magnetic nail polish. If you haven't seen it yet, here's what it looks like.

It's super simple actually... You paint it on like normal nail polish (and you only use one coat)! The tricky part is you have to hold the magnet over each nail right after you paint it. You don't want it to start drying before you hold the magnet over it.

Here's the brand I used - Layla. I got it at Ulta. I think that China Glaze brand also makes a magnetic polish. This brand comes in about 5 different colors. I chose the color called "gun metal."

Paint one nail then hold the magnet that's on top of the cap (it's the little black layer you see right on top of the cap in the picture above) directly over your nail (as close as you can without touching your nail). Hold it there as still as possible for about 10 seconds. Magically you nail will go from this...

to this...
Hope you try it out! You can experiment with the way you hold the magnet over your nail to get different designs. Have fun!

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