Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Angry Birds Cake for Tyson

Today is not just Halloween... it's Tyson's birthday! I made Tyson his first cake before he was even born. Tyson is three years old today and this is cake #4 (the first cake was for the baby shower we threw for his parents - Rachel and Justin). Being part of Tyson's life (and Justin's & Rachels' too) has been such a blessing. It's a joy to watch Tyson grow, learn, and have fun.

Tyson is really into Angry Birds these days. He asks for "Nette's phone" every time we're together to play Angry Birds. He also really, really likes the color blue. So I knew just exactly what kind of cake to make for him. I enjoy making cakes for this family so much. Here are some pictures of this year's cake and some from the past.

Happy 3rd Birthday Tyson!
even the inside is blue!
(white cake tinted with blue food coloring/almond buttercream frosting)

It all started with this cute little frog cake in anticipation of Tyson's birth...

Then we got to participate in his baptism - complete with a Noah's ark cake and little cross sugar cookies...

And Tyson's 1st birthday party was (appropriately) a big Halloween party with family in friends. Tyson's costume was a lion and the rest of the family joined in the theme. Rachel was Dorothy, Justin was the scarecrow, Tyson's grandparents played the Tin Man & Glinda the good witch, and his auntie was the wicked witch of the west. It was such a fun event (and one of my favorite cakes ever).

I'm already anticipating next year's birthday! But before that we'll get to celebrate the birth of the Young family's baby girl (coming soon), Rachel's birthday, and Justin's birthday.... all with cake of course!

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