Sunday, September 15, 2013

Celebration Flags Cake Topper

Need to decorate the top of a cake? Here's a way that's quick and easy. You can use this on any cake you've made or a cake that you've bought. The personal touch of these flags will get everyone ready to celebrate!

Celebration Flags Cake Topper
Here's what you'll need...
two pieces of card stock in any colors you desire
some yarn in any color you like
a large needle
two wooden skewers
letter stickers

Cut a strip of card stock about 2 inches wide. Then cut to form a triangle with about an inch to two-inch base. Use that first triangle as a template to cut the number of flags you need. In this example, I cut 8 of one color and 5 of a second color. You'll need to plan out how many lines of flags you want and what pattern. Be creative!

Once you've cut out all of the flags, lay them out into the desired pattern and add letter and number stickers to create the message you want. You could also use a marker to write the letters and numbers if you don't have stickers. 

Thread a large needle with a piece of yarn. I actually took one strand of yarn and separated it so that it would be thinner (using only two strands of the yarn for each line of flags). Now you work backwards... start with the far right flag and poke a hole from front to back on the right side of the first flag (see the picture on the left below). Then use the needle to poke a hole on the left side of the flag from back to front, pulling the yarn through with the needle (see picture in the middle below). Be sure to leave several inches of yarn at the end. The picture below on the right shows the view from the back of the first flag. Continue this process, adding each flag until you get the message you planned out. Leave several inches on the left side of your flags. 


If you're creating two lines like I did, you repeat the entire process for the second line of the message.

Next, tie one side of each celebration flag message to a wooden skewer.


Insert the skewers into the top of your cake at an angle so that the celebration flags droop just a bit, just like they would if you hung them from the ceiling for a fun party!

Decorate your cake with any additional fun finishing touches you desire.
I added these little ugly monster dolls (along with some on cupcakes for extra fun).


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