Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gingerbread Krispie Squares

I don't remember my mom ever making the traditional rice krispie treats with the marshmallow. She made her own version with peanut butter, corn syrup, and topped with chocolate. They were quite delicious... I decided to make something similar - this is her recipe with some of my own substitutions (based on consulting with her on the phone as I often do). It's a hit! Try these soon. They are perfect for fall and rather simple to make.

Gingerbread Krispie Squares
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup cookie butter* (or peanut butter)
3 cups rice krispies
1/2 cup white chocolate chips (or semi-sweet chocolate chips)
1/2 cup cinnamon chips (or butterscotch chips)

Line an 8 by 8 inch square pan with foil or parchment paper leaving some overhang. Spray with non-stick cooking spray. Place the rice krispies in a large bowl. Melt the sugar, corn syrup, and cookie butter in a small saucepan over medium heat until smooth. Pour the cookie butter mixture over the rice krispies and use a spatula or large spoon to mix gently. Pour the rice krispie mixture into the prepared pan and press evenly.

Melt the white chocolate chips and cinnamon chips (or chocolate & butterscotch chips) either using a double boiler or melting at 30 second intervals in the microwave on 50% power. Spread the melted chocolate over the rice krispie mixture that you've pressed into the pan.

Optional: melt a handful of white chocolate chips, place in a small ziplock bag, snip a small hole in one corner, and drizzle over the smoothed chocolate covered rice krispie mixture.

Allow to harden for an hour or so. Lift the sqaures out of the pan using the foil or parchment overhang. Place on a large cutting board and use a sharp knife to cut into squares (or triangles).

You can try any combination of chocolate chips and peanut butter, or cookie butter, or almond butter.... Please let me know what other delicious combinations you like. Enjoy!

*cookie butter is available at Trader Joe's stores.

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