Thursday, April 5, 2012

Get Ready for Easter

Easter is only a few days away so I thought I'd share a fun Easter idea. Here's a little twist on the standard colored Easter eggs. Use them as nametags for place settings at your Easter brunch, lunch, or dinner table.

I love the smell of coloring eggs. It must be something about the bit of vinegar and water mixed with the little dye tablets each in their own cup that brings childhood memories rushing back. To make a nametag like the one above, just any old set of Easter egg dye (Paz brand is usually available everywhere and it's very inexpensive).

First hard boil several eggs. I always use my mom's method for hard boiled eggs and they typically turn out perfectly. Place raw eggs in a medium pot, cover the eggs with water. Place a lid on the pot and heat over high heat until the water starts to boil. As soon as the water comes to a rolling boil, remove the pot from the heat. Keep covered and allow the eggs to sit in the pot with the water for 12 minutes. The remove the eggs and rinse with cold water.

Prepare multiple colors in a few cups according to the package instructions. For each egg, carefully dip the egg into the cup with the dye so that the long part of the egg is in the water about 2/3 of the way in. Do not dip the egg all the way into the dye or you won't have a clean, white area to write in. Hold the egg in the dye until the egg color is as dark as you want it. Remove the egg and allow the egg to dry for a few minutes.  Then chose a different colored dye and dip the egg in the same manner, but don't dip it in as far as you did with the first color. This will create a little ring or boarder around the white space on your egg.When we reach the color you want, remove from the dye and allow to dry completely.

Using permanent markers - I used Sharpies in a few different colors, but you could you all black if you want, Carefully write names in the white space of each egg. You can also used colored markers to add some details such as small polka dots around the edge of the white space.
Be creative and have fun with these little eggs. Surprise your family with personalized eggs! Enjoy!

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