Thursday, December 29, 2011

winter fun

Some of the reasons I enjoy Christmas - spending time with the people you love and Christmas lights. I didn't really spend any time in the kitchen today, but rather enjoyed the day and evening outdoors with people I love.

First we (Mark, Katie, Emily, and I) tried out some snow tubing. Not done exactly the same way in Oklahoma as it is in Pennsylvania... in Oklahoma it's done in the minor league baseball stadium, slides built up on scaffolding, man-made snow/ice packed onto the slide. The best thing... you don't have to climb up a huge hill in giant boots and a snowsuit. You just grab a tube, walk up some stairs, and enjoy the ride down - AND you can just wear a sweater (no need for the giant coat when it's 55 degrees).
Double thumbs-up from Katie
Our next stop? Ice skating - one of Emily's favorite winter activities. We had a great time skating with our friends Justin and Rachel too. I'm sure we'll spend more time on the ice soon.
Emily, me, and our friend Justin Young on the ice
people I love
We rounded out our evening with Christmas lights. Nowhere have I seen better Christmas lights than in Oklahoma City. Everyone enjoyed looking at the abundance of colored lights, but I think my family got the most entertainment out of my excitement over the lights. Here's a sample of the view (pictures really don't do these light displays justice).

Chesapeake Energy Corporation lights - every branch loaded with colored lights that change to pure white before your eyes and back to color again

this house really loves Christmas lights
A great winter day.

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  1. Looks like everyone had lots of fun!